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For the second time in two years, we’re bringing together the best minds in the STR industry for the Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for Women. 

The STR Virtual Summit for Women 2023 will be an immersive, interactive summit – packed with three FULL days of roundtables, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and one-on-one networking. 

And you’ll also be able to connect personally with best-in-class tech and service providers!

It’s time to take your STR business to the next level.


By investing in YOU, lady!

When you buy your opportunity-laced golden ticket to the STR Virtual Summit for Women, this is all the goodness you’ll get access to:

Best-In-Class Education

Hone your investing, hosting, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills so you can get to the next level in your STR business…regardless of where you are today.

Industry Insights

Learn about current industry trends as well as what’s on the horizon for 2023, so you can prepare to have your best year yet and avoid any surprises.

Small Group Discussions

Get up close and personal with industry leaders and learn about the topics that matter most to you.

One-On-One Networking

Cultivate new relationships with fellow STR sisters from around the world and build lifelong friendships.

“I feel educated in so many more areas! Thank you!”

Angela Junker



This is not the kind of virtual summit where people talk AT you for three days.

No. Nope.

During this summit…you are going to have conversations.

Take a look at all the juicy goodness we’ll be covering at the summit. 

Your job? To take a look at this list and see what starts getting the champagne bubbles popping in your veins.

Make a note of the topics that excite you most, and begin tailor-making your summit experience to suit you!


Interior design


Marketing skills


Hosting skills


Mid-term rentals



We’ll also have breakout sessions and roundtable discussions galore, so you can soak up knowledge on all the things that are priorities for YOU! 

  • Want to strengthen your bookkeeping skills? 
  • Looking to boost your social media muscles?
  • Curious about co-hosting? 
  • Ready to learn about boutique hotels or glamping? 
  • Preparing to go pet friendly?
  • Want to find out about the hottest investment markets?
  • Looking to learn how to reduce your tax burden (can I get an amen?)

These are just A FEW of the MANY topics we’ll cover during our breakout sessions and roundtables! You won’t want to miss ‘em 


On top of all this, you’ll be able to attend one-on-one networking sessions as well as connect with other women in your local communities. This event is truly immersive, interactive, and yes…tailored to you!!

The early bird price is $197…but only until December 25th. 

And then…the price goes up to $297.


If you’re one of the first 150 people to register, you’ll get a FREE paperback copy of Mark Simpson’s brand new book The Book Direct Blueprint.

Everyone after those first 150 registrants will get their own digital copy.

Early Birds, it's go time! Price goes up in...









Just starting out...

and trying to soak in everything you can before taking the plunge with your first STR?

Feeling a leeeeeeetle bit stuck...

with one or two STR properties (you’re treading water, lady) and you’re looking for inspiration to keep pushing forward?

Sitting with a handful of STRS...

(five…six…seven…) and you want to improve processes and learn about how to operate your business more efficiently?

Preparing to scale...

your business to massive proportions in 2023 and want to learn from people who have “been there, done that?” 

Excited about learning...

from (and connecting with) other successful women in the industry?


This summit has something for everyone – whether you’re just starting out, you’ve bought a couple of properties, or you’ve already started scaling like a BOSS.


Where your business is right now, today, at this moment, is exactly where it’s meant to be. 

The way you get to the next level is by using the insights, tools, and resources of the women who are already at that next level – that’s what this summit gives you.

What did last year’s attendees say about the summit?

“It was flawless… well-done team. I knew it was going to be good. But I was blown away by just how good it was”

Tracey Northcott

“I LOVED everything about the summit and all the speakers. Thank you, Stacey, for hosting such a Kick-Ass event to empower women”

Julie Barnes

“Thanks to what I learned at this summit I can confidently find the right property and delve into this space”

Zee Dean

“This summit was AMAZING! WOW! I am so thankful to be at the summit and have the opportunity to learn from incredible experts!”

Maria Reith


Let’s face it, lady – investing in short-term rentals is a powerful way to build wealth. 

Are you ready to supercharge your wealth-building and fast-track your goal achievement? 

That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about during the summit. You’ll get plugged into: 

  • Today’s hottest markets and STR investing strategies

  • How to automate more and work less…while boosting your profits

  • How to WOW your guests even more than you already are, and generate referrals on repeat
  • How to attract and retain the best team members for your STR business


  • How to leverage other people’s money to grow your STR portfolio
  • How to manage properties efficiently…even if you’re hours away
  • How to work SMARTER, not harder, so you can spend more time with the people (and doing the things) you LOVE!

And, here’s the scoop – that’s just a SHORT list of what we’ll be covering! 

ALL KINDS of juicy goodness are going to be explored…and it all spans the fundamentals of running a successful short-term rental business:

🔥 Real estate investing

🔥 Hospitality/Operations

🔥 Marketing

🔥 Entrepreneurship

You do NOT want to miss this epic event!



We’re committed to bringing you the best-in-class education from the top women in the industry – and we wanted to go even further. So, we’re excited that a select few of the most successful men in the STR space will be joining us as well!

Stacey St John

Stacey St John

CEO & Founder, Female STR Investors Facebook Group + STR Society

Julie George

Julie George

Author, ‘Million Dollar Host’

Rachel Gainsbrugh

Rachel Gainsbrugh

Luxury AirBNB Real Estate Investor & Author

Tracey Northcott

Tracey Northcott

Entrepreneur & Consultant, Enfour & Tracey Northcott Consulting

MeiLani Hock

MeiLani Hock

Founder, Why NOT Me?

Zeona McIntyre

Zeona McIntyre

Author, Realtor, Investment Consultant, and Speaker, Podcast: Invest2FI

Valerie Malone

Valerie Malone

CEO & Founder, Quill Decor

Lace Hernandez

Lace Hernandez

Creator, Mint STR Hosting

Mehak Begemann

Mehak Begemann

Real Estate CPA,

Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley

CEO & Founder, The Fearless Investor

Michael Sjogren

Michael Sjogren

Founder of the Short Term Rental Secrets Mastermind & Host of the Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast

Bill Faeth

Bill Faeth

Entrepreneur & Founder, STR Wealth Conference & Build Short Term Rental Wealth


Remember, the STR Virtual Summit for Women 2023 will be an immersive, interactive summit over three FULL days – ensuring even more learning and a greater sense of belonging. 

But if you can’t be there (hello, we all have things going on!), you can still access the recordings for TWO FULL WEEKS after the summit ends…

….so don’t let your calendar get in the way of you learning from the best of the best in the industry!

Are you in?

The 2023 STR Virtual Summit for Women is proudly brought to you by:

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Can’t wait to see you there!


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